KEVLAR produces high performance round and rectangle shape loudspeaker which can be mounted in wall or ceiling easily for home cinema and music applications. This formidable speaker has amazing acoustic capabilities of high end speaker with the entire movie intensity of full theater sound quality. The woofer cone of speaker is made with sophisticated Kevlar fiber which is well known in stopping resonance distortion of a speaker cone. This makes it excellence in delivering precise and crystal clear sound to wider listening angle. The 1-inch adjustable tweeter with a powerful magnet structure deliver clear, detailed highs and excellent imaging even in off-axis listening positions. This speaker utilizes “virtual enclosure” of your in-wall and in-ceiling space to enhance their bass response and smooth low frequency blending with the mid-range. Its ultra slim design gives you tremendous freedom to fit the speakers where you please. It is a perfect choice for your ATMOS and DTS-X home cinema setup.